The fashion industry always has a shake-up of latest tendencies, and it isn’t easy to predict future tendencies. Think about some girlish gildings. Much like floral patterns, some white eyelet lace or ribbon can even soften any clothes piece and make it look cuter. Jewelry may make any plain outfit into an outfit that pops. Style – The prevailing style or custom, as in dress or behavior. Conspicuous waste and conspicuous consumption outlined the fashions of the decade and the outfits of the couturiers of the time had been incredibly extravagant, ornate, and painstakingly made. The curvaceous S-Bend silhouette dominated vogue up until round 1908. The S-Bend corset was very tightly laced at the waist which forced the hips again and the drooping mono bosom was thrust ahead in a pouter pigeon impact creating an S form. Towards the tip of the decade this trendy silhouette gradually grew to become … Read the rest