My personalities are being outgoing, fun, outrageous, funky and many others. Vogue historians credit score French clothier Paul Poiret with inventing the girdle in 1910 and popularizing it. So, what is a girdle? It is a determine slimming open bottom garment, worn across the mid-part extending from the higher waist (bottom of the ribs) down over the thighs. Various leg lengths were popular all through its 60 yr history and have been cleverly marketed as having their figure enhancing virtues. Till 1910, the corset was the precept women’s foundation garment and dictated how the feminine form could be emphasised with clothing. Poiret’s new fashion designs started to deemphasize the waist which was such a focal point throughout the corset era (1830-1910) and commenced to emphasise easy hips and derriere. Uretsky credited FSAD affiliate professor Van Dyk Lewis and senior lecturer Anita Racine with guiding her style design ideas, and the … Read the rest